About us

IASEMS was founded on 29 July 2008 in Bologna to promote scholarship and research on Shakespeare and early modern English literature, language and culture. The statute of the Association was signed by Carla Dente, Paola Pugliatti, Sara Soncini, Mariangela Tempera, Romana Zacchi.

IASEMS has quickly become an intellectual home for scholars and students of early modernity in Italy and beyond, and also welcomes theatre, cinema professionals, and all interested in the European Renaissance.

IASEMS Executive Board 2021-2024
Iolanda Plescia (president)
Maria Luisa De Rinaldis (vice-president)
Gilberta Golinelli (treasurer)
Manuela D’Amore (secretary)
Luca Baratta (communication manager)

IASEMS Executive Board 2018-2021
Giuliana Iannaccaro (president)
Maria Luisa De Rinaldis (vice-president)
Gilberta Golinelli (treasurer)
Iolanda Plescia (secretary)
Luca Baratta (communication manager)

IASEMS Executive Board 2015-2018
Alessandra Petrina (president)
Donatella Pallotti (vice-president)
Giuliana Iannaccaro (treasurer)
Laura Tosi (secretary)
Mariacristina Cavecchi (communication manager)

IASEMS Executive Board 2012-2015
Alessandra Petrina (president)
Donatella Pallotti (vice-president)
Maurizio Ascari (treasurer)
Mariacristina Cavecchi (secretary)
Laura Tosi

IASEMS Executive Board 2009-2012
Carla Dente (president)
Romana Zacchi (vice-president)
Maurizio Ascari (treasurer)
Sara Soncini (secretary)
Maddalena Pennacchia

IASEMS Executive Board 2008-2009
Carla Dente (president)
Paola Pugliatti
Sara Soncini (secretary)
Mariangela Tempera
Romana Zacchi


The primary aim of IASEMS is to promote study and research on Shakespeare’s works and on early modern English literature, language and culture, approached in relationship with the wider context of European Renaissance culture. Research endorsed by the Association focuses on Shakespeare’s works as a combination of classical and popular culture, and on the processes of their reception in Europe as well. We are convinced that Shakespeare played a fundamental role not only in English but also in many other national European cultures, his works providing a synthesis – yet to be fully investigated – of the ideas produced by Renaissance culture in many European countries.

The Association aims to bring out the specific Italian contribution to research on Shakespeare and on early modern English drama, literature and culture; it aims to investigate intercultural exchange and specifically the role played by Italian literary and dramatic culture in shaping English theatrical practice and literature. It aims moreover to research Shakespeare’s works and early modern literary, linguistic and cultural practices in order to provide scope for investigating patterns, topoi, approaches which play a role in European and worldwide appropriations of Shakespeare and Renaissance culture through translations, criticism, rewritings, stage performances, cinema, adaptations.

Statute of the Association (English)

Statute of the Association (Italian)

Guidelines (Italian)


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